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X Ray Calibrarion & Varification

To be effective in detecting explosives and resolving suspicious signs, technological explosives detection systems must be properly calibrated and inspected at regular intervals, as defined by the manufacturer.

However, while these calibration methods are appropriate and provide good results on a theoretical level, they fail to take into account continuously evolving operational considerations.

A.I. Explosives' proprietary calibration bags, developed and constantly upgraded to reflect new threats and methods employed by terrorist groups, greatly enhance the level of the checks performed by incorporating operational parameters into the calibration process.

These bags include simulants developed in-house to represent the full variety of explosive materials an EDS or TDS system operator may be called upon to identify.

Moreover, the simulants replicate these materials at an unmatched level of similarity in terms of color, density, texture, weight and X-ray properties, including Zeff and CT# compatibility. Consequently, they enable calibration at an unprecedented level, ensuring optimal effectiveness and security.

A.I. Explosives also develops and supplies customized calibration bags, designed to best meet specific clients' needs.

The simulants are also used for inspection purposes, to verify that the equipment remains properly calibrated, thus ensuring that it serves its operational purpose.

For more details about calibration and verification equipments for bulk detection and trace detection systems please contact here.


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